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3 Reasons Butt Enhancement Supplements Are Better Than Surgery

3 Reasons Butt Enhancement Supplements Are Better Than Surgery

Often times when women are thinking of getting a bigger butt, they consider a butt lift surgery. However, at Booty Maxx, that would be the last option we would advise to get the butt of your dreams.

With technological advancements and continued research in the butt industry, we now have butt enhancement supplements, like Booty Maxx Pills and Cream. These are all natural supplements and they're safe for your body with no known side effects.

Still not convinced? Here are three of the main reasons why butt enhancement supplements are better than surgery:

3 Reasons Butt Enhancement Supplements Are Better Than Surgery1. Safer and Not Painful

With butt enhancing creams and pills, you don't need to sign a waiver to use them; this is not the case when it comes to butt enhancement procedures. With any surgical procedure comes the risk of suffering complications, and these can range from not getting the results you were looking for, to more serious things like getting an infection. Besides these risks, getting any sort of enhancement surgery can cause significant pain. For example, butt injections can make something as simple as sitting painful for up to three weeks, and silicone implants may shift, have fluid build up, and bleed. You have to decide for yourself if the benefits outweigh the risks, but why would you make yourself suffer when you can get just as big of a butt using more natural methods? Besides the risks already mentioned, you have to worry about: nerve damage, scarring, implants rupturing, pressure on your sciatic nerve, being put under anesthesia - which comes with its own risks, excessive loss of blood, fat embolism, asymmetry, and more; the list goes on. Because pills and creams are typically made with natural ingredients, there’s really no risk to using them. You might not get the instant results a medical procedure would provide, but your results will be more natural and still be noticed rather quickly. All with the added benefit of no risks and no recovery time!

2. Natural

When considering a butt enhancing surgical procedure, it’s important to understand the risks that come with putting foreign materials in your body. Obviously, using something natural that offers the same results would be preferred - and that’s where Booty Maxx comes in! With no risks and no downtime, it’s much safer to use something that works with your natural body chemistry to give you natural results. You might quicker results with surgery, but you can often tell when someone has had a boob job or work done on their butt; the technology simply hasn’t gotten to the point where it can compete with the looks of something attained naturally. You don’t exactly want to announce to the world you had surgery to enhance your butt size, and surgical procedures just make it obvious. You can use Booty Maxx and get amazing, fast, natural results in as little as a few weeks!

3 Reasons Butt Enhancement Supplements Are Better Than Surgery3. Cost Efficient

There are already tons of health risks, do you really need to deplete your bank account too? Butt enhancing creams and pills cost a fraction of what a surgical procedure does! Legal and FDA approved procedures cost upwards of $5000, while the most expensive Booty Maxx product is less than $200. You might see something like a Groupon for a $200 procedure, but it’s extremely important for your health and safety to realize that those offering these “deals” are often unregulated, and the chances of something going wrong skyrocket.

Did this article convince you to get a bigger butt, yet? Check out our shop page and discover our bigger butt supplements that can give you the butt of your dreams quick and safe.

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