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How To Lift & Shape Your Booty In Weeks
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How To Lift & Shape Your Booty In Weeks

How To Lift & Shape Your Booty In Weeks

Doing squats is one of the most common booty exercises because it is versatile but there are so many options out there when it comes to lifting and shaping your booty. It’s important that you work all three gluteal muscles but the type of shape, tone, and lift on your booty will change which glute muscles need to be targeted more than others and which need less. This is why it’s important to look a little deeper into the exercise moves to see exactly what areas are affected. 

Fortunately, we are here to cut any of the guesswork out for you and let you in on some of the best ways to lift and shape your booty in a matter of weeks. Since you’re going to be working out at least three days a week it is wise to use natural supplements like butt enhancement pills and cream. Your muscles will need a little extra nourishment and sustenance in order to function and operate at their best. 

Exercising & Exercises

If you are unsure of your bum shape you might want to look at a shape chart and compare your rear to the best of your ability. You may need a mirror or an honest friend or loved one to help you decide which shape fits you best if you’re unsure or undecided. There are a few different booty shapes and they are round, square, heart-shaped or pear-shaped, and the v-shape. Once you have confirmed you can check through the list to see what exercises will be personalized to suit your sweet cheeks.

Exercises For Shape & Lift

The Square Shape

When it comes to lifting and shaping a square bottom it is important to put the focus on targeting the gluteus medius. The gluteus medius is the lateral muscles that sit higher up on your booty closer to the waist. In order to lift a square bottom, you’ll have to do a little waist work too in order to help slim down the love handles region which will add to the lift and the look. 

Lunges: Curtsy Lunge - Lunge W/ Rotation

Side-Leg: Squat W/ Lateral Raise - Side-Leg Lifts

These are just four of the best exercises that will shape and lift a square-shaped booty. Toss in some abdomen exercises to this list to create your own personal workout routine targeting all areas you wish. You can turn your booty routine into a whole body workout by adding to the exercises for every part.

The Round Shape

If you have a round bottom then you’re going to simply work all three areas of the glutes in order to shape and lift it. Your little cherry bottom requires a full glute workout for the best results. Making sure to work all areas of your bottom will ensure that your bum stays firm and full of shape because you don’t want to change too much so much as enhance what you’ve been gifted with.

Combination of Lunges: Forwards Lunges - Reverse Lunges - Matrix Lunges

Plies: This is a specific type of squat.

Pilates Sidekicks


Leg Lifts

(The List Is Exceedingly Long) We’ve Listed The Best

 Having a round-shaped bottom gives you a little more freedom when it comes to choosing the exercises for your routine. This is because there are numerous exercises that target all three muscles not to mention, the number of booty exercises, in general, to choose from. As long as you get a balanced workout you’ll be destined to have a lifted and shaped booty in a matter of weeks.

The Heart Shape

The hamstrings and gluteus medius will be the target areas to focus on because the gluteus maximus is definitely not lacking. Lateral exercises are going to be among the best choices for the heart-shaped bottoms. Here are a few of the best to get you started.

Lateral Resistance Band Walks

Ballet Leg Lifts

Single-Leg Squats

Remember, as long as you know which muscles you need to target it will become a breeze creating your own personal workout routine.

V-Shaped Bottom

You’re going to have to round out that v-shape by targeting the gluteus maximus. This is the posterior muscle that gives you that booty pop and goes with the lift. It’s important to work those hips in order to give you the proper physique. 

Series of Squats: Goblet Squats - Loaded Squats

Leg Lifts: All-Four Lateral Raise - Bent Leg Pulses

Aside from finding the workout routine that’s right from you go ahead and get those supplements and cream in order to enhance your experience!

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