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5 Reasons Why The Brazilian Butt Lift Isn’t Right For You
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5 Reasons Why The Brazilian Butt Lift Isn’t Right For You

5 Reasons Why The Brazillian Butt Lift Isn’t Right For You

The Brazillian Butt Lift has been a trending topic off and on for some time now. It is never simply trending in a positive light though, there is a lot of negativity surrounding this surgical procedure and for good reason too. Any kind of surgery whether it is cosmetic or medical can go wrong on many levels but when it comes to something that could potentially be dangerous and there are alternatives that will leave you with the same results in the end then why risk it, right? We are going to share 5 reasons why the Brazillian Butt Lift isn’t right for you and between just us, I’d say it might not be right for anyone.

  1. It’s Expensive: The price range for a butt lift procedure can be anywhere between $2,000 and $12,000 dollars with the average cost being somewhere around $6,500 bucks. That’s a little junk of money to just toss out there to get a lifted booty. You could invest in some supplements, workout gear, and a gym membership for far less and have natural results that are healthy and safe, just saying. 
  2. It Can Be Dangerous: There have been several tragedies regarding butt lift surgery and some have been fatal. The horror stories surrounding the Brazillian butt lift surgeries that have gone wrong should make it a red flag for those just now looking into it. There was news circulating around about people who have died, been left wounded, and even had their implants burst. It definitely doesn’t sound like something to take lightly. 
  3. Constant Upkeep: Cosmetic surgical procedures seem to lead to more surgery and upkeep. Lifts and tucks can be made but over time they need re-lifted and tucked again. This would likely bring you right back around in the vicious loop where you’re back to investing even more money, putting your body at risk again, and then you repeat. This is why we sometimes see celebrities that look like they’ve had one too many surgeries because if you want to keep the look there’s upkeep involved. 
  4. It Can Become Addictive: Body modifications and cosmetic surgery can become addictive in a similar way as tattoos. Some people start with one small tattoo and if they fall in love with body art may end up with an entire sleeve. Some people have one surgery and they’re done while in some cases it leads to the desire to alter or change other aspects or images of the body. It might be more booty surgery or it can turn into a new nose job. Addictions come in a very large variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. 
  5. Insurance Issues: A majority of insurance companies do not cover surgical procedures that are cosmetic. There might be some but it’s not a common thing and if you happen to find some sort of insurance the price is likely going to be outrageous. Sometimes having certain surgical procedures can cause an increase in your insurance costs and that’s no good. 

You might have read through this list and feel as though the Brazillian Butt Lift is right for you and if that’s the case we hope it all turns out in an amazing way for you. For those of you who are feeling sketchy about this option keep in mind that there are other ways, you can get a more lifted, fuller, and toned booty. All you need are some good workout moves to incorporate into a better bigger booty routine, time, dedication, and motivation. It will feel good when you’ve reached the point that you look in the mirror and all your hard work and dedication has your booty banging! 

For those of you who think the butt lift still seems like an option, we hope that you do your homework and research all aspects of this surgical procedure. Keep your mind open and allow both the positive and negative take shape allowing you to be confident in the decision you make. The Brazillian Butt Lift isn’t for everyone and that’s totally OK! Be the best you that you can be and reach for those goals! A bigger better booty seems to be in high demand and we wish you luck in your journey and transformation. 

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